Bubba Wallace Continues to Bask in Ignorance, Calls Fans ‘Simple-Minded’


Rather than owning up to his error, he has decided to get louder. He’s even painted his No. 43 car black while displaying the phrase, “Black Lives Matter” across it.

Lawrence Jones of Fox Nation interviewed him recently, talking about how an organization like Black Lives Matter involves a lot of criticism.

For Wallace, putting BLM on his car shouldn’t cause controversy. “Black lives matter just as much as White lives matter, just as much as Hispanic lives matter,” he continued, “We’re all equal. We were all made the same. We all bleed the same color. It hurts when we bleed.”

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The problem is that he’s also choosing to name an organization that has been responsible for a significant amount of violence and destruction, especially around the south. Wallace has been racing long enough to know that NASCAR and the South are synonymous.

The NASCAR community is close-knit. All of the drivers rallied around Bubba Wallace when the “noose” was found. They have been supportive of him, making sure that he knows that there is no racial inequality as far as they are concerned.

This should be enough for Wallace, right? Nope. He felt that one of the best things that he could do for his career is to insult his fans. Those same fans that have supported him, bought his gear and tuned in to watch the races.

Wallace has received a lot of criticism for not coming forward and apologizing for reacting to the hate crime that never existed.

However, he’s chosen the low road by identifying the “simple-minded fans.”

When Kyle Larson used the N-word during a virtual race, Wallace spoke out to defend the driver and say that he should be forgiven.

Jones asked Wallace if the same level of “grace and forgiveness” was extended to him.

That’s when Wallace said that the drivers did but the “simple-minded fans — no.”

So, because fans are not willing to forgive Wallace, he is calling them simple-minded. The problem is not with the fans but with Wallace. He has not and will not apologize for his overreaction. He still believes it is a hate crime even though the noose found in his garage had been there for months, and it is simply the most effective knot for the job. That garage with that rope was randomly assigned.

Wallace has this to say about the fans: “They’ll always kind of carry that chip on their shoulder and do everything to knock you off your pedestal. So, their job is to always deliver hate — immediately deliver hate before the facts are even given.”

Why would the fans want to knock him off of his pedestal? Perhaps it’s because, as he admits, that he’s on a pedestal. Isn’t he supposed to want equality? In order to gain equal footing, no one should be on a pedestal. Meanwhile, he believes that the “simple-minded” fans are always going to deliver hate.

NASCAR fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. Why would they deliver hate?

Further, Wallace says that they delivered hate before the facts. Nope, they delivered hate after the facts – after the FBI said that there was no case.

To add insult to injury, the racecar driver said, “You don’t give yourself enough time to understand, to educate yourself.”

Rather than simply admitting that he made a mistake, he’d like to call fans of the sport uneducated. Yep, this is definitely his time to shine…in ignorance.

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