Breaking: Swalwell’s Chinese Honeypot Was a Paid Democrat Employee


Questions continue to accumulate in the tale of Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and the communist Chinese spy that he had a relationship with for several years. This is despite the media’s best efforts to completely ignore the story. The Democrat Party is trying to dismiss the story and the FBI is slow-walking GOP requests for a briefing on just how deeply the Chinese had their claws into Swalwell. Based on what we’ve just discovered – it’s no wonder!

If you missed the run-up to this story, here’s the gist of it.

Eric Swalwell was a nobody back in 2010. He was elected to the City Council of a suburb of Oakland, California. And while he was on the City Council – and married to his first wife – a Chinese woman named Fang Fang began a relationship with him. Fang Fang, who introduced herself as “Christine Fang,” was obviously a spy for the Communist Party of China.

Fang Fang was a “honeypot” – a spy who is paid to seduce American politicians, so the Chinese government can get its blackmail hooks into them.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The hapless Swalwell suddenly enjoyed a meteoric rise in the political world, thanks to the help of his new girlfriend and the network of Chinese spies that is crawling all over Silicon Valley and the Bay Area to this day. The Chinese helped him raise money and got him elected to Congress in 2014. 

Swalwell served on the House Homeland Security Committee during his freshman term in Congress, even as he was carrying on a relationship with a Chinese spy. Swalwell’s wife divorced him around this time.

Fang Fang raised money for Swalwell’s reelection in 2016. Their lovey-dovey relationship had advanced to the point where she was able to get a Chinese intern planted in Swalwell’s congressional office. (Most likely another spy.) Or maybe she just blackmailed Swalwell into hiring that intern. 

Then, something unprecedented happened. During his sophomore term in Congress, Eric Swalwell was promoted to the powerful House Intelligence Committee. How’d that happen? It wasn’t because Eric Swalwell is a smooth political operator. He’s a dunce. 

Not long after Swalwell was allowed on the Intel Committee by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), the FBI gave Swalwell a defensive briefing. They informed him that the Chinese girlfriend he’d been sleeping with for the past five or six years and who had planted an intern in his office, was actually a spy. Oops.

Swalwell broke off the relationship then, and most likely tipped Fang Fang off to the fact that the FBI was onto her. She fled back to China, although she remained “friends” with Swalwell’s father and brother on Facebook until about two weeks ago when this story first broke. Swalwell’s dad “liked” one of Fang Fang’s photos on her Facebook page back in March, so the family has stayed in touch with her through social media all this time.

One of the biggest questions that the House GOP is asking is: Why was Eric Swalwell approved to sit on the House Intelligence Committee after the Democrats knew that he was dumb enough to cluelessly carry on a relationship with an obvious Chinese spy for five or six years?

Nancy Pelosi really doesn’t want to answer that question, because the answer involves the Democrat Party. We followed a hunch and did something that no reporter for any mainstream media outlet has done to date: We looked on the internet! It turns out that “Christine Fang” was not just Eric Swalwell’s honeypot mistress for five or six years while she was spying on America.  

She was a paid employee of the Democrat Party. Here’s the expense report that the Democrat Party filed with the FEC in 2016, listing “Christine Fang” as a paid employee. They also reimbursed her for travel expenses as she was bundling funds for Eric Swalwell’s reelection.

The more digging we do on this story, the worse it gets. Eric Swalwell hasn’t stepped down from the Intel Committee or resigned from Congress yet. But that day seems to be getting closer.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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