Brace Yourself: Biden’s Started to Announce Senior White House Appointments


Everyone’s been on edge with the idea of Joe Biden choosing the newest cabinet. Who is he going to put into each of the critical positions? While there’s been talk about diversity, there are also many people who have paid heavily into Biden’s election campaign with the anticipation of being “repaid” in the form of an impressive White House appointment.

Biden’s campaign has said that most cabinet position appointments should be released by Thanksgiving.

As for some of the other senior appointments in the White House, they’ve already been announced. Brace yourself…

Ron Klain has been chosen as White House Chief of Staff. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who understands Biden. Klain has been serving as a senior adviser to Biden for years within the campaign as well as served as the chief of staff to the former VP during the Obama Administration.

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Biden credits Klain as one of the people who rescued the economy during the downturn that occurred in 2009.

Klain isn’t the worst appointment. Obama had directed him to respond to the Ebola outbreak that occurred in 2014. Biden will also be expecting him to play a key role in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

The appointments so far definitely look like personal favors. If you worked for Biden’s campaign and you were a key figure in getting him elected, you’re in as a senior to the White House. You’re not a cabinet secretary, but you’re still sitting pretty with an impressive title and an even more impressive salary.

Many of the assistants to the president make an impressive $183,000.

Jen O’Malley Dillon, the campaign manager for the Biden-Harris campaign, will be serving in the capacity of deputy White House chief of staff. Does she have the skills to do it? Probably not, especially if you read some of her less than impressive tweets over the course of the campaign. But, hey, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Then, there’s Mike Donilon. He’ll be a senior adviser to the president. He’s been an advisor for years and was one of the campaign strategists for Biden over the past year. He also served in the capacity of Counselor to the former VP from 2009 to 2013.

Biden’s choosing people who have been a part of his career – either throughout his campaign, his time as VP in the White House, or even during his time in the Senate.

No one has caused the shock factor…yet.

Even the appointment of Anthony Bernal serving as the senior adviser to incoming First Lady Jill Biden isn’t a real surprise. Bernal was the deputy campaign manager as well as the chief of staff to Jill Biden throughout the campaign. He’ll need to be on his A-game, especially as Dr. Biden plans on making history by continuing to work as a professor.

Who else will be appointed? There are plenty of discussions happening in the background. Many of those who went up against Biden in the primaries, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar, and Andrew Yang are expected to be considered for a cabinet position.

Should we be worried? Absolutely. Biden doesn’t seem to be choosing advisers and chiefs of staff based on any real merit. It’s all based on who has helped him get to where he is today – and that’s not good enough for the federal government.

We can only hope that if there are any truly alarming appointments by Biden, the Senate will choose not to confirm them.

At this point, we can expect Biden to stay true to his word that there will be diversity within the cabinet – and that may even include a few Republicans. After all, Biden says that he is a constitutionalist – so let’s see him hold true to those words as he begins to identify names once and for all in the coming days.

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