Border Agents Save Child From Human Smugglers


The issue of immigration is a hot topic in this presidential election. Democrats want to open the borders up and let every illegal march across and take over the country. It does not matter to them that they will wreck the nation and tear down the identity of modern-day America. Their vision for America is where the white man pays for their sins by catering to the illegals and giving them the hard-earned money of every legal taxpayer.

President Trump’s mission is to secure America. Democrats continue their fight by trying to block his efforts of building the wall. The wall has been highly effective in the areas where it is built. The number of drugs and illegal human smuggling has dramatically been reduced. But there are still areas where it happens frequently.

Border agents are the last line of defense after the wall. They patrol the border and engage the illegals trying to cross with their drugs and human captives. Border agents in Texas came to the rescue of a child that smugglers took from a family.

The danger to the child at the hands of smugglers is extreme. They are often left in the hands of strangers that abuse them and harm them in incredibly savage ways.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The family that became separated from their child was trying to cross illegally as a family. The child was taken from them and placed in another location. Border agents stopped the van with the family, and it was then that they discovered the missing child.

The child was said to be only nine years old. Smuggles are not known to be kind to their cargo. They are only in it for the money. The child’s parents told the border agents that there was no room in the van for the child, so the smugglers kicked him out of the van.

Once it was discovered that a child was missing, the border agents went into high gear. All agents were on a heightened lookout or the child. The agents scanned every car and van that made its way through the checkpoint. Two hours later, a minivan came through with a child in it that matched the description given by his parents. The border agents rescued the child and reunited him with his family.

The Democrats made border agents out to be criminals. They tell people that they put kids in cages and separate them from their families. But the truth is that they reunite them with their families. Border agents care about the people that they are called on to protect.

The driver of the other van was asked in the child was hers, of which she said that he was. But the family had paperwork that proved she was lying. The attempted kidnapping of the child failed, and the woman of the car was arrested.

It was found that the woman was an American citizen. She now has to face charges of human smuggling. She is now in the custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations Unit. The life that she enjoyed before engaging in human smuggling is over.

Matthew Hudak is the Laredo Sector’s Chief Patrol Agency. He stated that “the lack of concern human smugglers have for the people they exploit for profit. Smugglers not only transport large groups in confined spaces without PPE, exposing them and our communities to possible COVID-19 infection, but they are also willing to separate a young child from his parents.”

The child would have never been united with his family since they had been caught at the border. He was destined to be a human slave or abandoned at the designated drop-off location.

Hudak pointed out that “If not for the vigilance of the agents who only had a physical description to go on, this child would have been taken by smugglers further into our country without his family, and left helplessly under the control of strangers. Putting your life, and the life of your family, in the hands of vicious and callous criminal organizations is a potentially fatal mistake.” Border agents are heroes that are keeping the country safe from criminal organizations that engage in smuggling activities.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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