BOOM! Democrats Now Agree with Republicans on Election Fraud


At a very divisive time in the history of the United States, the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that the media is lying to us. One of the big issues that conflicting information is streaming from is whether or not former Vice President Joe Biden actually won the election, the way the media said that he did.

For months leading up to the election, most of the major (and some minor) news outlets reported over and over that Biden would win the election. The polls showed him winning in a landslide, the clips shared people’s disdain with the incumbent, President Donald Trump. But many persisted in their opinion that it would be close.

However, now that the election is over, and news has leaked, here and there, about the possible widespread fraud that is being investigated, Americans are beginning to crack under the weight of what they believe to be possible election theft.

According to conservative political commentator David Harris Jr, the tide is turning so much that even Democrats, who are being fed a bill of goods that their candidate won, are starting to believe that all is not right on the hill (or in the election).

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“You know it’s bad when 30% of Democrats think the election was stolen from President Trump,” Harris said. “True, the results differed by party, but still 30%? Overall 47% think the election was stolen.”

Harris’ information stemmed from a Rasmussen poll that showed some interesting information about the percentages of Americans who really think that Trump would have won the election if the votes had been counted in a fair manner.

“Among all voters … 47% say it’s likely that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Biden would win, but 50% disagree. This includes 36% who say it’s Very Likely and 41% who consider it Not At All Likely.”

That means almost half the nation believes, while details are still forthcoming, that Democrats have effectively stolen our ability to be a constitutional republic. Despite all that though, even if the president is able to pull this election out of the jaws of fraud and injustice, Harris pointed out that “He is likely to be considered an illegitimate president just as George W Bush was considered to be.

“Biden is not the fighter that President Trump is. They tried to handcuff him but he just shook off the shackles and moved full steam ahead.”

To be clear, almost one half of all Americans think the election was stolen and 30 percent, that’s almost one third, of all DEMOCRATS think that their nominee was either behind a coup d’etat or was at least complicit in playing a part in it.

While the president’s second term is what hangs in the immediate balance, and that’s an important issue, the larger, overarching concern, is that if elections are being stolen, we’re not a republic or democracy or anything of the kind. We’re just a shadow dictatorship without a figurehead to be put on posters.

Who is the dictator, you ask? Excellent question. The answer is, “who knows?” At this point, if the nation’s election was hijacked, like almost half of us, regardless of affiliation, think it was, we don’t really know anything right now. We don’t know who people voted for (though we can likely take an educated guess) we don’t know who is pulling the strings, or funneling the money.

All we do know is that a system that has made us the most prominent superpower in the world, with an immigration system that has bent under a load of all the people who come here for the promise of a better life, has been ripped from our arms, and if we’re worth our salts, we will scream like a mother losing her child. Because the truth is that we may well lose our children if we don’t retain free elections.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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