BLM Agenda: Liberal Universities Forcing Students to Sign Pledge or Else


No one likes being forced to do anything that violates their convictions or things they believe to be right. What makes it worse is when they are forced by hurtful groups to mold themselves to a set standard or else face consequences. What is being promoted across schools all around the country are for students to sign a pledge that is anti-racist and illegal.

The question that some people are wrestling with is whether or not such an approach is legal or not. There are many universities and schools that are requiring students to sign such a pledge or risk punishment. There are even 150 law schools that are calling on the American Bar Association to incorporate this concept in future education.

The letter from these schools to the ABA stated “Dear Members of the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar: Preparing law students to be lawyers requires that they should be educated with respect to bias, cultural awareness, and anti-racism. Such skills are essential parts of professional competence, legal practice, and being a lawyer. We believe that every law school should develop such training and education for its students.”

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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The push by these people is to force students to learn about anti-racist concepts. With the hopes that they will not violate that teaching in the courtroom. But what is pushing this movement is terrible.

Black Lives Matter propaganda has been taken by these schools and are trying to incorporate it into their already liberal biased material. The University of Southern Maine has actually adopted a BLM statement that has been proved as unconstitutional. It is also a terrible violation of one’s right to learn and express their beliefs based on that education. Students are being forced to accept other ideals instead of being encouraged to develop their own.

The issue that is left open to interpretation is the sick concept of who will make the decision of what is racist or not? To force students to rat each other outputs that judgmental issue into their hands. It is then that bias and hatred take over and incriminates innocent people.

For instance, a person that believes all life is important will be branded as racist by a BLM member because they have not narrowed down their scope to fit within the ever-changing points of BLM theology. So, what happens is the all lives matter people are put down and tortured for caring about every person.

BLM maintains that reverse discrimination is needed in order to teach people a lesson of what slavery is like. What needs to happen is for BLM to go back in time and protest 200 years ago to the generation that really hurt people who were slaves.

For students in these schools that refuse to sign an anti-racial statement, they stand to be the recipients of preferential racism. They will be targeted for their refusal to sign the pledge. And they will be branded as racist.

President Trump is not in favor of forced indoctrination. It is dangerous and limits a person’s ability to think through all the issues and letting them make a decision based on the facts. BLM wants to force people to believe their agenda. But their agenda and theology are biased and socialist in scope. It is anti-American.

BLM is the new Nazism. They are forcing young people to learn and accept things through forced indoctrination. They are moving the next generation into a corner and prepping them to a life of failure. They will be unable to think through important issues and make decisions that would make America a better place for everyone.

No one should ever be told what to believe by a group of people that destroy public and private property. They should not be taught the ideals of a group that murders little boys on the street simply because their skin is a lighter color. This is what BLM does and they have no place to be dictating anything to any person or telling people what to believe.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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