Black DA blasts Black Lives Matter for targeting her, showing up at her home, and speaks out against abolishing police


Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles County’s first black district attorney, slammed the Black Lives Matter movement in a newly released interview with CNN.

What are the details?

Lacey, a former prosecutor, went viral in March after Black Lives Matter activists arrived her home in protest and her husband pulled a gun on demonstrators.

At least 30 demonstrators showed up at Lacey’s home demanding a meeting with the district attorney when her husband, David, pulled a gun, demanding activists leave the property. The activists were reportedly angered that Lacey had not met with the demonstrators, and had previously voiced displeasure with the delayed arrest of wealthy Democratic donor Ed Buck.

Buck was charged in the overdose deaths of two black males in his home.

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The group has also demanded immediate police reform as well as a dismantling of the local broken criminal justice system that they say victimizes people of color. Many protesters have launched a campaign to end Lacey’s career by attempting to vote her out of office, or force her to resign.

In a recent interview with CNN, however, the 63-year-old Lacey attempted to quell the uproar against her.

“I get in here and the most vocal group who wants to take me out is a group known as Black Lives Matter,” said Lacey, who has served as DA since 2012.

She pointed out police brutality as one particular tack on which activists disagree with her.

“While you may look at a shooting by an officer and say, ‘Oh, they could have shot him in the leg, they didn’t have to respond that way,’ that’s not the test under California law,” Lacey reasoned. “The test is when somebody’s life is in danger.”

Lacey added that she has more in common with Black Lives Matter protesters than they seem to think, and says that she believes the criminal justice system should be overhauled rather than taken apart entirely.

“If you’re talking about redistributing funds, I absolutely agree with that,” Lacey said during the interview. “I’ve advocated for mental health funds to go to communities of color since 2013. I’ve been advocating for treatment of drug addiction for a long time. But if you’re talking about, let’s just take all the police out of our community and if a crime happens, just let someone else respond, I just don’t think that’s realistic.”

Lacey added, “[Protesters] are treating me like ‘the man.’ But if they only knew that I’m the girl from the neighborhood.”

Just following the law

She pointed out that she simply follows the law.

“No matter who you have in this job, they still have to follow California law,” she reasoned.

Lacey also revealed that her “next term” will be her last.”

“I think I’m going to care less about what people say and more about … how I want this book to end,” she said. “I want to see less juveniles in our … system, less people on the streets. I don’t want it to end like this, right? That as the first African-American to hold this job, and protesters ran her out. That doesn’t seem like a just ending.”

You can watch more of Lacey’s remarks in a video here.

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