Biden is Plagiarizing His Entire Plan to DNC — See Who’s Playbook He’s Using


It’s hard to take former VP and presidential candidate Joe Biden seriously. Between the obvious signs that his mental stability is failing and his constant “borrowing” from other politicians, he’s not showing any reasons to vote for him.

The country needs someone with original ideas. Biden, however, is ready to copy and paste. It’s like he’s a failing high school kid who is using Cliff Notes to get through the most important essay of his life.

As if borrowing from Obama’s game plan wasn’t bad enough, he’s now rolled out recommendations for the DNC platform moving forward. Get ready for the flashing red lights of plagiarism.

He has copied whole sections of Bernie Sanders’ playbook. What’s worse is that he didn’t give Sanders credit. Instead, he has presented them as his own ideas.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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This is just sad. As a political “leader” who has spent decades in Congress and eight years in the White House, he should be able to come up with his own notes. Did he think no one would notice?

Steve Guest, the Rapid Response Director for the Republican National Committee, took care of it via Twitter. He copied parts from Biden’s playbook followed by parts from Sanders’ playbook.

If it weren’t word for word, it would be a little hard to dispute. However, it’s as if he just didn’t care enough to come up with ideas on his own. He used ‘copy and paste’ without thinking anything of it. And this is the person that the DNC wants to present as their candidate.

What has Biden really been doing in his basement for months? Because, obviously, it wasn’t spending time writing anything unique.

Perhaps the worst part about it is that the DNC wants to show off Biden as a Democratic candidate who is more of a centrist than anything else. Yet here he is stealing directly from a radical. Biden’s a lot further to the left than many within his party give him credit for – and that’s a scary thought. For anyone who thinks that they’re voting for a Democrat with a slightly right-leaning view, think again.

Biden’s willingness to blatantly steal from Sanders should be everything you need to know about his level of honesty, integrity, and overall political leaning.

The copying continues – and it shows that Joe Biden is ready to do the bidding that many wanted Sanders to carry out. This includes “an executive order that prohibits companies from receiving federal contracts that outsource jobs overseas, pay workers less than $15 an hour without benefits” as well as “funding to create a civilian corps of unarmed first responders such as social workers, EMTs, and trained mental health professionals, who can handle non-violent emergencies.”

Let’s break this down to be just a bit clearer. Biden is now echoing Sanders since he didn’t bother to write out his own thoughts. Companies cannot receive federal contracts if they’re not paying both benefits and a minimum of $15 an hour wage. Further, there is going to be funding for unarmed first responders.

Most companies cannot afford to pay $15 an hour in wages without drastically increasing the cost of goods. And, to top it off, we’ll have a bunch of unarmed first responders showing up in violent situations with no way to properly arm themselves.

Most Americans thought they were off the hook when Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race. We thought it would be Biden vs. Trump. However, Biden doesn’t know how to generate thoughts that are his own. He can’t. He doesn’t have the mental capacity of free thought anymore. If this obvious attempt at copying and pasting a platform isn’t scary enough, he chose to copy from Bernie Sanders.

We can’t allow a man to become president who thinks that it is okay to copy someone else’s work, verbatim. Where is Biden’s campaign manager during all of this? Perhaps he’s the one holding down the copy button for Joe.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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