Biden Exploits El Paso Mass Shooting to Try to Win the State


For years and years, Texas has bled Republican red. No Democrat presidential candidate has won in the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976. And that long streak has caused most Democrats, unless they are from the Longhorn State, to not put a whole lot of effort into winning it.

But according to Team Biden, this year is the year that changes.

According to his team, they are going all-in for Texas, hoping to turn it blue with their influence. To help them do so, the campaign announced the hiring of several top staffers this week, with two Latinas leading the charge.

“Biden’s campaign announced that Rebecca Acuna will be his Texas State Director and Jennifer Longoria, his Deputy State Director.”

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As the Houston Chronicle reports, Acuna has worked for three House members in her state, as well as a gubernatorial candidate back in 2014. Longoria was Texas Director for failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

On a national level, it’s clear the black woman sets the bar for Biden’s most prized positions. But in Texas, things work a bit differently, and so his staff has wisely chosen those of Hispanic descent. They are sure that this will help secure the 38 electoral votes Texas has to offer.

So why is the campaign so sure they can win Texas?

Well, according to several different polls, Biden actually has a shot.

According to CBS News, Biden’s national states director Jenn Ridder says, “We are quite serious about putting (Texas) in play. Increasingly we are seeing polls that show there is real opportunity there for us.”

And indeed, it does look like that, somewhat.

Depending on the day, most polls, including a recent one from Real Clear Politics, shows Biden within a point or two from Trump in the state.

Typically, one would say this should be somewhat alarming to Republican voters. However, most in Texas seem unconcerned with the poll results, with few believing his current poll popularity will amount to a win in November.

While not a presidential run, Beto O’Rourke’s race against Senator Ted Cruz in 2018, also seemed to show promise. And yet he still lost. Besides, Biden doesn’t show near the enthusiasm or interest that O’Rourke did, nor has he spent nearly as much money campaigning there.

By the end of his run against Cruz, it was noted that Beto had spent, and subsequently lost, a whopping $80 million. Keep in mind; this was for a Senate seat. Biden, in his attempt to win the White House, has only spent about $70,000 in campaigns for the state.

Another thing that might turn out not to be in Biden’s favor is his recent exploitation of the anniversary of the mass shooting in El Paso.

As you well know, the first anniversary of one of the most tragic shootings in the state’s history has just passed. And with it a reminder of the gun violence, as well as immigration issues, that continuously stalk our nation. Biden put out a video on Monday, bringing all of that backup, and, of course, he didn’t fail to blame President Trump for all of it.

In the video, he says, “This anniversary is a moment to resummon the purpose we felt one year ago and to recommit to the battle for the soul of this nation – a battle against the forces of white supremacy that are part of the very foundations of our nation but which this president has encouraged and emboldened.”

But it also reminds every one of his intentions to put gun Nazi Beto O’Rourke in charge of the “gun problem” nationwide. And as Beto made clear during his brief presidential run, he would have federal agents showing up at your door to confiscate your firearms.

Just how do you suppose that idea is going to go over in Texas, a state where over 36 percent of the population owns more than 29 million guns?

I’d say not well.

And neither will Biden’s ideas on immigration. According to his platform, the liberal lackeys have forced Biden to offer amnesty to any and all illegals if he is elected. And as Texas has one of the longest stretches of national border and therefore sees illegal crossing by the millions, most who live there have a healthy respect for anyone who wants to shore the borders up a bit more.

But if Biden wants to waste both his time and his money in the state, who am I to tell him no. Just know that it’s highly unlikely either will amount to much, regardless of the poll of the day says.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

Developing Story with Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step Every American Needs to Take. Find Out More

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