Baltimore Police Searching For Perpetrator Seen In Video Of Shocking Daylight Attack


Americans were shocked and sickened when a video was posted to social media of a brutal attack on an older man perpetrated by someone who snuck up from behind.

The attack, which is largely believed to be at least partially racially motivated, due to context offered by the video’s uploader, shows what appears to be an older white man (though his face is not visible) in khaki shorts and white trainers walking across a street.

Behind him, a younger appearing Black man (again, his face is obscured) creeps up behind with what appears to be a hard object in his hand. The attacker struck his victim harshly in the head, causing him to fall like a brick face first in the street.

The entire episode was filmed from across an intersection, and those watching and commenting seemed aware of what was happening before it took place. At one point someone who had been heard whispering in low tones could be heard yelling words to the effect of, “Oh my God, he’s done!”

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According to The Blaze, police in Baltimore where the attack took place, have yet to locate either the victim or the suspect. However, they believe the attack took place sometime shortly after  6:30 p.m. Sunday on the 100 block of West Hamburg Street.

It’s unclear when their response took place, however, and officers said they observed a pool of blood on the north sidewalk.

The witness who called police said that he had heard an argument between the two men, after which one turned and walked away. The other took that opportunity to pick up two bricks and approach the other from behind to hit him, after which he fled the scene. Officers confirmed from the witness report that the suspect is Black and the victim is white.

The since-deleted video that was posted on Instagram was posted by an account that had a number of racially charged comments. However, it’s unclear if it was uploaded by the perpetrator or a bystander or a third party.

Conservative political commentator Matt Walsh shared the video to his Instagram, along with some context on the uploader’s apparent state of mind:

“The man who uploaded this video to Instagram is @ traysavage_. He captions it ‘white lives don’t matter.’ I don’t know if this scumbag is the guy who carried out the attack or if he just found the video. He’s a scumbag either way.”

Walsh shared a photo from the Instagram account that shared the video. The caption from the clip had its own troubling content:

“YOUNG MAN YOU GOT KNOCKED TF OUT,” the poster said, along with laughing emojis throughout his post. “BITCH YOU BET NOT RUN. Unk tried to kill yo” [sic] and later asked viewers to “Pray for unk.”

He also used the hashtags: #explorepage





The frightening daylight attack struck a chord with many because not only does the man who was attacked seem like he was wholly unthreatening to his attacker, the attack appears to be racially motivated, based on the context offered in the caption.

If Americans find that they now have to live in a world where they can’t feel comfortable with their backs to people of other races, we will have lost so much of the gains that our ancestors worked for, both our Founding Fathers and those instrumental in the Civil Rights movement.

Racial profiling became a term widely used after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 when Americans saw those of Middle Eastern descent as threatening to them. The brutal attacks by Americans on their neighbors could bring that phenomenon back in full force if attacks like this one become commonplace. If that happens will have lost more than just our fellow Americans’ work, we will have lost countless lives for nothing, and our daily peace of mind at the hand of racial provocateurs.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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