AOC Hangs Green New Deal Around Biden’s Neck


The disastrous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has long pushed the Green New Deal as her own idea. Every time she has mentioned it in the past, she has been ripped to pieces by people tearing into it with the purpose of exposing the dangerous elements that would nearly bankrupt the country if it were to be implemented. The push back against her idea has silenced the ravenous dog to the point that she no longer wanted to discuss it with anyone.

Ever since Joe Biden became the Democratic Party candidate, she has been working behind the scenes to push that agenda and make it look like it is Bidens. Ocasio-Cortez is hoping that his Dementia is advanced enough that he has forgotten whose idea it really was and adopted it as his own. But her deceptive wishes were smashed to bits when Biden stated that “The Green New Deal is not my plan.”

The AOC is as radical left as one can be without jumping into crazy land. She is working hard to weasel her socialist ideas into Biden’s plan for America. Biden seemed to push away from the witchy woman by saying he has nothing to do with his idea.

One of these two politicians, or both of them, is lying about this devilish deal’s future. Biden claims that he supports “the Biden plan I put forward, which is different than what [Trump] calls the Green New Deal.” The AOC believes that her deal is Biden’s deal.

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This should be a red flag for people to realize that she is one of the people feeding the forgetful man ideas that are hers. She hopes that he will formulate them as his own. And that is precisely what she has gotten him to do. Joe Biden has unknowingly adopted the AOC’s plan to kill the country.

When the news got out about Biden’s refusal to push the AOC’s plan, Kellyanne Conway, who is the former White House counselor, tweeted Biden’s remarks. The AOC immediately attacked her.

Ocasio-Cortez stated that “This isn’t news, Kellyanne. Our differences are exactly why I joined Biden’s Climate Unity Task Force – so we could set aside our differences & figure out an aggressive climate plan to address the planetary crisis at our feet. Trump doesn’t even believe climate change is real.”

Her reluctance to admit she programmed Biden to formulate the Green New Deal as his name is written all over her attack to Conway. Biden’s plan is said only to be $6.7 trillion as opposed to the AOC’s plan of $93 trillion. Biden’s plan is the first few steps of the wicked witches’ plan. There is no difference other than the AOC starts to get her way. Her plan allows her to build on it as the years pass by.

Joe Biden has even stated that he has used the AOC’s plan as a template for his own. Biden could only get her support if he yielded to her plan. It was behind those closed Democratic doors that they struck a deal so she would support the crazy old man.

Ocasio-Cortez’s motto dictates that if she could not beat crazy Biden, then she would have to join him. She was forced to accept Biden by her party. She had to vote for him instead of Bernie Sanders back in the primary race. Her reluctance to support Biden came out as the news reported that she was resisting supporting him.

She has since gone on a national rampage screaming at people and telling them that she has always supported Biden. But the truth is that she reluctantly had to support him. She wanted Sanders to win the nomination. But somewhere in the darkness, the liberal party squashed his chances and set Biden up to win.

The cost of her plan and Biden’s copy of it is too much money. She tries to hide the cost by saying things like, “When Republicans talk about the Green New Deal being 100 trillion dollars, please know they’re doing that Dr. Evil thing where they shout random, escalating numbers to sound ominous.” The Republicans are only stating the truth of the numbers. She is just mad that she cannot count, and Biden is rejecting her plan in public.

The Gov’t’s Actions Have Gone Beyond Anything I Imagined!

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